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Brand agent

Yinghao solar lighting products have passed the inspection of the product quality supervision and inspection center and other authoritative institutions, and are now looking for partners around the world

Joining advantages

1. Brand advantage: Through the establishment of brand advantage, it can transmit various business information to end consumers and ensure brand effect.

2. Product advantages: rich product system, wide audience, easy to learn, difficult to imitate, good management, good management.

3. Technical advantages: professional product R&D team, regular product updates, standardized production process, simple and easy to learn, convenient and quick to copy, and increase the continuous competitiveness of the store.

4. Marketing advantages: personalized design, targeted programs, opening publicity, holiday promotion, event planning, new product launch, customized marketing proposals for franchise stores.

5. Operation advantages: The headquarters will follow up and guide you for a long time, provide you with technical advice, operation guidance, and whole-process supervision and guidance, and escort the healthy operation of franchise stores.

Joining conditions

1. At least 18 years old, with the ability to independently bear civil liability and legal personality;

2. Apply for joining voluntarily, and have certain economic strength and investment ability;

3. Agree with the environmental management concept and product structure, obey the company's unified management and training, and be able to cooperate with the company's supervision and inspection work;

4. Provide the location of the store and relevant certificates required for operation and accept the evaluation of the company;

5. Have good business ethics, cooperation concept and "customer first" service concept;

6. Be able to devote themselves to the unified use of the "Yinghao" brand name and consciously maintain the brand image;

Joining process

1. Contact customer service of brand network;

2. Conduct preliminary communication with the customer service of the brand network;

3. Fill in the Joining Application Form in detail and submit it to the headquarters for review;

4. The headquarters will distribute information to you for your reference according to your actual needs;

5. You can visit the headquarters for consultation and in-depth exchanges;

6. Negotiate the contract of cooperation intention;

7. Pay corresponding franchise fee and management fee;

8. The headquarters will provide you with diversified service support such as site selection, training and guidance.