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Smart street light

Solar street light Smart street light-YH110101


1: Integrated design: The solar panel, microcomputer control system, lithium battery and high-power LED light source with high luminous efficiency are designed as a whole. The appearance is high-end, fashionable and atmospheric, emitting a kind of noble charm.

2. Humanized design: the system is embedded with human body sensing technology, infrared radar, microwave sensing technology, light control, time control, and can adjust the time period to correspond to different power and other humanized working modes.

3: Multi-angle design: the solar panel can be adjusted in the vertical and horizontal directions from multiple angles, and can be adjusted according to the sunshine conditions in different places.

4: Battery management system: adopt new lithium iron phosphate battery or lithium ternary power battery, and the proprietary battery management system can make it more stable and longer life.

5: High power and high luminous efficiency lamp beads: Philips chip lamp beads are used, with higher luminous efficiency, brighter and more stable than ordinary LED light sources.

Solar Panelpolycrystalline 5V / 60W
Light Source60x1W SMD3030
Color Temperature6000-7000K
BatteryLiFePO4 3.2V / 60Ah
Charge Time4-6 hours
Illumination Time8-12 hours
Product Dimension545x210x185 mm/ Solar panel 515x825mm
Used ForHome,courtyard,park, outdoor ,road etc