Recruitment notice

  • Receive resume delivery from now on, and the deadline is December 31, 2025;
  • The interview time will be notified separately (the specific time will be notified by SMS).
  • Please send the application form and information registration form to the email in the form of two attachments in the same

Recruitment position

  • Clean energy engineer 3-5 yeas/4people workplace:shenzhen Release time:2021/11/16

    Job description

    1. Responsible for the technical support, operation and maintenance management of clean energy (wind energy, photovoltaic, etc.) project construction and project implementation;

    2. Assist in the handling of various procedures before the commencement of the project, determine the project process, project bidding conditions, communication and docking of construction organization, supplier review and technology;

    3. Be responsible for the preparation of clean energy system engineering scheme, engineering design bidding documents, and construction engineering data;

    4. Be responsible for the quality inspection, project progress and technical risk control of the project construction process, and do a good job in the self-acceptance, pre-acceptance and completion acceptance of the project;

    5. Be responsible for the equipment operation and maintenance after the completion of the maintenance project, and the collection, analysis and arrangement of data;

    Work requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in clean energy, electrical engineering, electromechanical, automation and other related disciplines, with the title of engineer or above, and having engaged in relevant positions in the clean energy industry is preferred, and the academic requirements for outstanding personnel can be relaxed;

    2. More than 5 years of working experience in clean energy industry;

    3. Understand the clean energy industry, and have rich technical knowledge and relevant implementation technology management experience of clean energy projects;

    4. Be familiar with power specifications or power system control, and be able to skillfully use system and office related software (Retscreen, PVsystem, CAD, WORD, EXCEL, etc.);

    5. Familiar with power transformation, transmission, distribution and control theory;

    6. With enterprising spirit and good team spirit, have certain pressure resistance ability, and can be competent for high-intensity work.

    Bonus item

    Experience in the following industries: new energy

  • project manager 3-5yeas/4people workplace:shenzhen Release time:2021/11/16

    Job description

    1. Participate in the project evaluation from the quotation stage, project initiation, and organize the project kick-off meeting to make the preliminary planning;

    2. Establish a project team to determine the project development objectives, functional heads and corresponding responsibilities;

    3. Formulate the project plan and supervise the progress of the project, convene the review meeting at each stage according to the project plan, and complete the summary report at each stage;

    4. After the project is approved, communicate with customers about all aspects of information required for the project implementation and coordinate internal communication;

    5. Be responsible for providing the Capacity Analysis Form to the Planning Department before the small batch trial production;

    6. Be responsible for the achievement of the predetermined objectives at each stage of the new project development

    7. Summarize the problem points at each stage of the project, discuss the problem points with customers and propose solutions;

    8. Summarize and submit the progress data required for the new project to the customer;

    9. Be responsible for the review of engineering changes related to the project;

    10. Be responsible for the approval of suppliers of raw materials and components;

    11. Be responsible for the coordination and arrangement of all departments in the production of the prototype of the hand board required by the customer, and transmit the information in the form of the Department Contact List;

    12. Complete other relevant matters according to the project development cycle.

    Work requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above, fluent in English listening, reading and writing;

    2. More than 3 years of working experience in relevant positions, and domestic and foreign experience in consumer electronics industry is preferred;

    3. Understand the workflow of manufacturing industry; Be familiar with the key points of each stage of project management; Have some opinions on team management;

    4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination ability, and pressure resistance ability;

    5. Science is preferred; With a driver's license, you can travel.

  • Equipment Engineer 3-5yeas/4people workplace:shenzhen Release time:2021/11/16

    Job description

    1. Responsible for the research, selection, implementation, commissioning and acceptance of the main process equipment, public and auxiliary equipment of the new project/

    2. Organize the test and research of new processes and technologies, and complete the rectification of new project processes, equipment, plants, etc

    3. Be responsible for the formulation and implementation of process equipment plans of other departments of the company

    4. Check the equipment regularly to ensure the maintenance, repair and maintenance of equipment and facilities

    5. Be responsible for the preparation of relevant documents of the Equipment Department;

    6. Be responsible for the preparation of relevant documents of the Equipment Department;

    7. Carry out the environmental sanitation work of the department according to 5S standards;

    8. Supervise the production department staff to check whether they operate the equipment in violation of regulations;

    Work requirements

    1. Have more than 5 years of relevant work experience, college degree or above, major in machinery, electromechanical or related;

    2. Be familiar with the equipment used for negative electrode materials, including but not limited to kiln, high-speed mixer, coating machine, plow mixer, electromagnetic iron removal is preferred

    3. Be familiar with water and electrical equipment and facilities, have strong ability to independently handle mechanical equipment and good communication skills;

    4. Be familiar with CAD or other mechanical drawing software, and skillfully operate office software;

    5. Be familiar with mechanical principle, mechanical structure, machining, pneumatic and hydraulic components, and electrical control principle;

    6. Have experience in the formulation and management of quality system documents;

    7. Pragmatic and rigorous, with good communication and team cooperation ability

  • Material Engineer 3-5yeas/4people workplace:shenzhen Release time:2021/11/16

    Job description

    (1) Structural regulation of new carbon materials (carbon nanotubes/graphene/porous carbon);

    (2) Study the structure-property relationship and analyze the corresponding relationship between structure and preparation process;

    Work requirements

    (1) Master degree or above, major in materials, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, polymer, etc;

    (2) Familiar with carbon material synthesis technology, including steam activation, alkali activation, vapor deposition and other processes;

    (3) Familiar with SEM, XRD, XPS, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR, thermogravimetric analysis and other material characterization techniques;

    (4) Have strong ability of data collation, analysis and summary, and can draw reliable conclusions based on data.

  • R&D Assistant 3-5yeas/4people workplace:shenzhen Release time:2021/11/16

    Job description

    (1) Solar street lamp product design, assembly, and testing;

    (2) Detect in accordance with the operating procedures, and report abnormalities in time;

    (3) Assist in the daily maintenance and simple maintenance of equipment and instruments, measuring instruments, etc. of the post;

    (4) Do a good job of safety protection during the detection process.

    Work requirements

    (1) Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, polymer, etc;

    (2) Engaged in detection related work, electrochemical specialty or relevant work experience is preferred.