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What is the difference between solar street lamp and traditional circuit lamp?

Industry information / 2020-04-16

Traditional circuit lamps mainly rely on electricity to generate light, which consumes a lot of energy, while solar street lamps use batteries to store solar energy, which does not consume electric energy; There is no intelligent control system for traditional circuit lamps, which need to be manually set to turn on and off, while solar street lamps have intelligent control system, which can automatically change the brightness and the opening and closing time according to the weather conditions.

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A、 Solar street lamp is green and environmentally friendly

1. The solar street lamp has a relatively small light decay, a significantly longer service life, and does not require construction and cable laying, which not only has a small impact on the environment, but also can reduce the construction and labor costs.

2. The bulbs of traditional circuit lamps are generally incandescent lamps, which not only take more time to repair, but also pollute the environment. The solar street lamps use LED light sources, which not only have high brightness, long service life, and will not pollute the environment. They can automatically adjust the brightness according to the light of the external environment.

3. Solar street lamps will absorb solar energy through solar panels in the daytime and start automatically at night without manual adjustment. The energy consumption is much lower than that of traditional circuit lamps.

B、 Solar street lighting is not limited by region

1. Even in cloudy and rainy days, solar street lamps can absorb solar energy in the daytime and work as usual at night to achieve all-weather lighting.

2. Traditional circuit lamps need to be designed and laid, and the construction period is long, while solar street lamps only need to be assembled and installed on the base, which is energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Traditional circuit lamps are difficult to install in complex areas, while solar street lamps can be installed and constructed at any place without the influence of region, weather and road conditions.

4. The overall cost of solar street lamps is low, only one third of that of traditional circuit lamps, but the lighting effect is far higher than that of traditional circuit lamps.

C、 High brightness of solar street lamp

1. The solar street lamp uses the direct current method to convert the solar energy into the required electric energy. Its battery panel has high conversion efficiency and long service life.

2. The solar street lamp does not need any electricity fee, and the assembly is simple, which saves the subsequent maintenance and repair costs.

3. Solar street lamps are equipped with lightning protection devices, which are safe and reliable without power failure risk.

4. The solar street lamp adopts an intelligent control system, which can automatically adjust the lighting time according to the change of the environment.

5. The service life of solar street lamp is about 7-10 years. The overall accessories are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which can save the cost of replacement and maintenance.

D、 Simple installation of solar street lamp

Solar street lamps are divided into several parts: controller, lamp pole, battery, light source, etc. The installation of solar street lamps only requires the installation of base and assembly of solar street lamps. Especially in the field with complex environment, it can highlight its advantages and will not occupy redundant land resources.

E、 The solar street lamp is an intelligent lighting system, which automatically turns on or off according to the weather conditions

At present, solar street lamps have also begun to develop towards intelligence and automation. Solar street lamp controllers are also divided into three categories:

One type is dual-light controller. When a single light is on, it controls the dual lights to be on at the same time; When the single light is off, the controller will automatically lower the power and delay the shutdown.

One is single lamp double control or double lamp single control.

There is also a dual control mode with optical control, overcharge and over-discharge protection functions.