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How to choose the power of solar street lamp

Industry information / 2020-04-16

Solar street lamps are generally about 10 watts. The working principle of solar energy: when the light shines on the solar panel in the daytime, the light energy can be converted into electric energy. Electric energy is stored in lithium batteries through wires. When the light weakens at night, the controller senses that the light weakens, and the lithium battery will automatically output the stored electric energy to the lamp head, and then the solar street lamp will be on. The lighting time varies according to the capacity of lithium battery. The applicable light source shall also be selected according to the height of the lamp pole.

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It mainly depends on where you put it and how high the lamp pole is. The suggestions are as follows:

If the height of lamp pole is 2.5m, you can use 8w garden lamp;

If the lamp pole height is 3m, you can use 12w solar garden lamp;

If the lamp pole is 5m, you can use 15w or 21w solar street lamps,

If the lamp pole is 6m, either 28w or 30w can be used,

If the lamp pole is 7m, use 40w solar street lamp,

If the lamp pole is 8m, you can use 56w or 60w solar street lamps,

If it is 10m, you can use about 80w solar street lamp,

It is enough to use a 100w lamp at about 12m, and it is recommended that you do not install solar street lamps on the lamp pole.

Because with the increase of the height of the lamp pole, the requirements for the light source will become greater and greater. It is suggested that when purchasing outdoor lighting fixtures, carefully communicate with the manufacturer about the purpose, so as to select the lamps with the best cost performance and function.

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