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Yinghao teaches you how to choose solar street lamp manufacturers?

Corporate News / 2020-04-16

At present, the demand for solar street lamps is very wide. Both project bidding and new rural roads are installed with solar street lamps. Many of our customers and friends will contact many solar street lamp manufacturers in selecting solar street lamp companies, but how to choose a good solar street lamp manufacturer? I think this is what many customers will pay attention to. If a poor manufacturer is selected, then the following problems will occur: product quality problems, after-sales service is not guaranteed, acceptance is difficult and payment is not received.

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We have 15 years of experience since the establishment of Yinghao. Today, the editor of Yinghao will talk with you about how to choose a solar street lamp manufacturer.

Yinghao Solar Energy teaches you how to select solar street lamp manufacturers

First of all, we can't evaluate the price of solar street lamps when we choose them. The current market price of solar street lamps is disorderly, and it is already widespread on a large scale. In order to win your list, the vicious competition phenomenon that can be quoted at any price. Facing the temptation of low prices, many customers often don't think about the hidden dangers behind the low-price products. What are the hidden dangers here besides the points mentioned above, For this hidden danger, give us an example of an imaginary question: the cost of a kilogram of pork is 10 yuan, and Yinghao sells 12 yuan to you, isn't it normal? Because we have hundreds of people to support and need to make money. Another company sells you 8 yuan or less. You said that the price is low. Why? Don't he even pay back the cost? Or does he do business for you without making money? In the face of these question marks, you can imagine how he can sell for 8 yuan or even less? From this example to the hidden danger topic just now, you can feel it from it.

The second is not to decide easily when you choose to place an order. Is it better to have a low price? He said he could do solar energy? No, when choosing a solar street lamp manufacturer, I would recommend that all customers and friends go to the manufacturer's workshop for inspection. Why do you go to the workshop for inspection? Only when you go to the workshop can you know whether it is a real solar street lamp manufacturer. Does it have a complete set of solar street lamps? Including: solar panels, lithium batteries, lamps, controllers, street lamp poles, etc. If you see the relevant production lines and relevant inspection equipment of the above five components in the production workshop, then he is a good manufacturer. If only one of the components is made, then he is non-professional.

Today, Yinghao's editor told you about the two main judgments, hoping to help you. Let everyone choose a real solar street lamp manufacturer.

Zhongshan Yinghao Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. is an integrated and comprehensive enterprise. It is an entity enterprise with Grade II qualification for urban and road lighting project contracting. The company is a comprehensive solution provider with independent research and development, production and sales of solar modules, lithium batteries, controllers, solar street lamps, lamp sources, lamp pole manufacturing and other major cores.

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